OMG Water Adventures - #1 for kayak rental in La Paz

Hobie Sail Kayak Rentals - paddle, pedal and/or sail!

With OMG Water Adventures in La Paz, you'll enjoy your time on the water with a Hobie ocean-going sail kayak where you have the option to paddle, pedal or sail at OMG Water Adventures  in La Paz. YOU decide how you want your kayak rental in La Paz set up - NO PREVIOUS KAYAKING, SAILING, OR BOATING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! 

For example, with the Mirage Drive system, you can set your rudder and then move over the water at a speed that works for you while having both hands free! And to keep you out of the sun, all our kayaks have large Wind Paddle sunshades to keep you cool and comfortable.

DO YOU HAVE RANGE-OF-MOTION ISSUES OR LIMITED USE OF YOUR ARMS AND/OR SHOULDERS?  No problem because you can pedal the kayak while steering with the rudder that stays in place so you don't have to paddle!  You'll have both hands free for photography, a snack and/or cool beverage. 

ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT TIPPING OVER? No worries - we have that covered too! We'll simply add the Sidekicks and you will have a very stable kayak that can take you anywhere you want to go. 

DO YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SAIL, OR PERHAPS YOU'D LIKE TO FIND OUT HOW EASY IT IS TO SAIL YOUR KAYAK?  If you want to make use of the wind, add a Mirage Sail and let the wind do all the work. Captain Dan is a certified ASA sailing insructor and will make it easy for you!

Of course, you could always take a catamaran cruise in La Paz.

We highly recommend you use some type of boat shoes, sandals, etc., but you can go barefoot if you prefer!  Sorry, no dress shoes allowed.

Catamaran Party and Sunset Cruises

It doesn't get any better than this.  On either a two-hour day, sunset or "Howl at the moon" night cruises, we'll take you out on the water in the solar-powered catamaran "Shamrocket".  

Choose from:

  • "Howl at the Moon" full-moon party cruise
  • "Pajama Wama" sunset party cruise
  • 50-minute" Quick-Spin party cruise (when available)

We provide the Demolition Bluetooth speaker, cooler with ice, cups and citrus....your bring your bevs and music on your cell phone.  Get ready for getting to know the Sea of Cortez up close and personal!

World-class Snorkeling Awaits You

We know all the best snorkeling spots (and we have a few secrets of our own) off of Baja Sur and Espirtu Santo Island. There are at least 30 species of fish in the Espiritu Santo area and are plentiful in numbers. You'll also find healthy populations of Brain and Staghorn corals.

For example, you can expect to see Parrotfish, Anglefish, Pufferfish, Trumpetfish, Sergeant majors, Moorish idols, Rainbow wrasse, and Orange-spotted name a few. 

We'll take you to the Sea Caves and the lost city of Volcanis.  There is nothing else like it!

Sea Caves & Lost City of Volcanis

Sea Cave Chamber 2

It's hard to describe how it feels when you enter the cave by snorkel or boat.  Simply amazing.

Sea Cave Chamber 2 Entrance

This is just one of two really cool sea caves to explore.  To know that at  sometime in the ancient past, lava was flowing through here is OMG cool.

Sea Cave Chamber 2 Inside Looking Out

These caves are so cool, that one can't help but connect to what happened here millions of years ago.

Lost City of Volcanis

One of the entrances to the sea caves  you see here is lava flow from an extinct volcano 3/4 mile in diameter

Volcanis debri

This is Monkey Face.  If you turn it 90 degrees, you'll see the remaining eye and outline of the mouth. Just one of dozens of curious objects on the sea bottom.

Snorkeling along Volcanis' walls.

The ancient walls drop down to 90' in places.  There is an amazing abundance of fish and other marine life.  Simply amazing snorkeling!