Snorkeling with OMG Water Adventures in La Paz is so much fun! OMG Water Adventures in La Paz

They said the experience was "simply amazing & so much fun!"

Mom and Daughter on a Hobie kayak

The Snorkeling is Awesome!

Hobie sail kayaks

The ocean-going Hobie sail kayak....paddle, pedal or sail. Stable, comfortable, and SO much fun!

Sea Lion Water Ballet

Sea Cave Exit

As part of your snorkeling in La Paz adventure, imagine swimming back out to Volcanis ruins from Chamber 2 in the sea caves at Espiritu Santo Island. This is just one piece of your OMG Water Adventures  in La Paz experience.

Snorkeling With Sea Lions

Sea Lion Playtime

Lava walls - Sea of Cortez

Part of Volcanis - destroyed by a huge volcanic eruption and monstrous magma flows.