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Catamaran cruises, Hobie sail kayak rentals, and "gator rater" bayou tours in the Kemah, TX (Houston) on the Gulf of Mexico.

Join Us....& puedes hablar español & говорить по-русски

Welcome to Gator Country....Texas style

We invite you to get out on the water on our very stable Hobie sail kayaks on Clear Lake and the Gulf of Mexico, or get out into the bayous and say hello to the gators. Yes sir, "bigger is better"!  Everything we offer is completely green....with zero-carbon footprint....nada! 

Hobie Kayak Rental...paddle, pedal and/or sail

Enjoy your time on the water with a Hobie kayak where you have the option to paddle, pedal and sail - you decide how you want your kayak set up. NO PREVIOUS KAYAKING, SAILING, OR BOATING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!  

With the Mirage Drive system, you can set your rudder and then move over the water at a speed that works for you. 

Do you have range of motion issues or limited use of your arms and/or shoulders?  No problem, because you can pedal the kayak while steering with the rudder that stays in place, so YOU DON'T HAVE TO PADDLE!  You'll have both hands free for photography, a snack and/or cool beverage. 

If you're concerned about tipping over, add the Sidekicks and you will have a very stable kayak that can take you anywhere real quick! 

Or, if you want to make use of the breeze, add a Mirage Sail and let the wind move you over the water!  You'll need some sort of boat shoes, sandals, etc., or go barefoot if you want!   

Shamrocket Cruises

If you prefer, take a fun-filled cruise on the solar-powered "Shamrocket", a 17' Hobie Getaway catamaran that has been converted into a solar-powered cruise boat.  

We also provide night and full-moon party cruises as well!

Depending on combined weight, there is normally room for up to 5 passengers to stretch out, relax and get very close to the water. Boat shoes or barefoot/socks only is the norm. 

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Join us for an OMG awesome time on the water!


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