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Sea of Cortez - La Paz, MX - Baja California Sur

Welcome to OMG Water Adventures at Tecolote Beach, La Paz, Baja California Sur!

From our Tecolote Beach (the #1 beach destination in La Paz) location, you can paddle, pedal or sail our Hobie sail kayaks over to Balandra Beach, one of the most photographed beaches in the world. 

Just across the water, you'll discover  Isla Espiritu Santo's numerous ensenadas, white sandy beaches accented by turquoise green water and the most amazing snorkeling you'll find the area.  

Everything we offer you is eco-friendly and completely green....with zero-carbon footprint, and you'll burn up some calories at the same time. That will justify all the eating and drinking you're going to want to do at the Palapa Azul Restaurant!

How may we entertain you?

Rent a Hobie sail kayak on the Sea or Cortez?

Paddle, pedal and/or sail.....and they are very stable. Some of our customers use them as a fishing kayak. OMG Water Adventures in La Paz has it all!

Cruise on a solar-powered catamaran?

Cruise on a solar-powered catamaran just inches from the water.

How about some world-class snorkeling?

We promise you that our Sea of Cortez location will provide you with some awesome snorkeling!